Ultimate Dual Magnetic False Eyelashes Review

Let’s review the Ultimate Dual Magnetic False Eyelashes Extension Set (8 pieces) – Full Size and Half Size Fake Lashes in One Set with Applicator – Best Reusable and Easy to Apply Ultra Thin Magnets, Natural Look

Ultimate Dual Magnetic False Eyelashes Review by thezreviews.com
Ultimate Dual Magnetic False Eyelashes Review by thezreviews.com

If you enjoy long, beautiful eyelashes but don’t want or have the time to mess with sticky adhesive, you have to check these out! These are magnetic false eyelashes! This eyelash kit comes with 8 pieces in total. So that’s one set of full lashes and one set of half lashes. Which is excellent to have one of each style! These lashes are meant for everyday use and can be worn over and over again! They’re super comfortable, fast to apply and easy to take off! No more cleaning off you natural eyelashes of mascara everyday!

Ultimate Dual Magnetic False Eyelashes Specs:

FULL SIZE AND HALF SIZE LASHES IN ONE PRODUCT – with this magnet lashes set you get both full size false eyelashes and half size false eyelashes in one box, along with applicator to easily apply the lashes.

NO GLUE = NO MESS – each set comes with dual magnet eyelashes that don’t require any glue, so magnetic eyelashes can be applied in few seconds.

REUSABLE AND EASY TO APPLY – false magnetic eye lashes can be used again and again, for daily use or for night out, and with applicator and red dot marking of bottom lash, these fake lashes are easier to apply than ever.

COMFORTABLE PREMIUM QUALITY FAST SHIPPING – handmade from high quality materials our fake eyelashes are ultra lightweight that make them super comfortable to wear. Shipped from USA this item is eligible for two days shipping with Amazon Prime.

100 MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – get an instant refund for your purchase no question asked if you were left dissatisfied with your false eyelashes.

Ultimate Dual Magnetic False Eyelashes. How to use.

STEP 1 Apply mascara on your natural lashes. Take one magnetic eyelash and hold it over your eye.

STEP 2 Place magnetic eyelash right on top of your natural lashes, so the outside edge lines up with the edge of your natural lashes. You should position the eyelash as close to outer corner of the eye as possible

STEP 3 With your other hand pick up the second fake lash and, without blinking, place it under your natural lashes (and the first false lash), so it connects with the top lash magnet.
As the result your natural eyelashes will be “sandwiched” between two magnetic lashes.

Ultimate Dual Magnetic False Eyelashes Comparison

Magnetic eyelashes compared to regular mascara:

I find these magnetic eyelashes to be such a time saver for me each morning. Sometimes you just don’t want to take the time to apply mascara. I enjoy waterproof mascara for the reason that it holds a curl on my lashes all day long. But taking that off at the end of the day is the biggest pain. And if you don’t do it right it can really damage your real eyelashes. So instead, I’ve been trying out this full eyelash set for all day curl and no more scrubbing my eyes off everyday! That’s a major win for this mommy!

Ultimate Dual Magnetic False Eyelashes Rating

I give these magnetic lashes 5/5 stars for comfort and drama!

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