False Eyelash Review: Velour Lashes Thick and Fluffy Collection

Here we go with my first review of the Velour Lashes – ‘Thick and Fluffy’ Collection. Looking for your perfect, everyday, comfortable, natural false eyelash? Look no further. I have been on the hunt for easy, quick, every look lashes for months. I’ve asked around just about every friend and false eyelash wearer I’ve met, trying to find the perfect lash for everyday, every event, perfect for your average girl. Finally, a friend bought these and raved on and on about them and so she recommended these specific lashes to me. So I decided to go ahead and try them out for myself and see what all the fuss was about. Once I did, I could not stop wearing all three pairs of lashes. Every single day I’ve reached for them and every time I put them on, I’m amazed all over again at how beautiful and comfortable they are at the same time. And I wear them over and over and over again! If you haven’t tried this lash brand or these styles yet, you must get them for yourself. You won’t regret it and you’ll buy 5 more of these lash kits!

Velour False Lashes - 'Thick and Fluffy' Collection The Z Reviews
Velour False Lashes – ‘Thick and Fluffy’ Collection The Z Reviews

Velour Lashes – ‘Thick and Fluffy’ Collection Review and overall Rating

These ultra lux false eyelashes are made by hand with the finest quality using only 100% real mink hair giving you the highest quality and most natural lash ever. It’s unbelievably lightweight lash band gives you the the most comfort for all day wear time and time again (up to 25 uses). Perfect for anyone, any eye look, any occasion any eye shape or any day!

Velour Lashes Thick and Fluffy Collection Specs:

Manufacturer – Velour Lashes

Packaging – package contains 3 pairs of beautiful mink lashes (Rich and fluffy, What The Fluff, It’s Sho Fluffy)

Color – natural black

Lash band – cotton thread and ultra flexible

Usage – up to 25 uses

Material – Mink

Velour Lashes Thick and Fluffy Collection Review and overall Rating

These mink eyelashes are extremely easy to apply. The three lash styles that come in the kit work well and look fabulous on any eye type you might have. This product will never damage your real lashes as opposed to regular eyelash extensions. They are so fast to apply, I never have to sit there for 10 minuets applying coats and coats of mascara everyday anymore! They are completely painless the most comfortable false eyelashes you’ll ever use. Once you try these, you’ll never use another brand of fake eyelashes ever again! And most importantly, this eyelash kit will ensure you get compliments on end!

Velour Lashes Thick and Fluffy Collection Comparison

These ICYCHEER brand lashes are made out of fiber unlike the Velour eyelashes which are real mink. The ICYCHEER lashes have much thicker lash bands and look much heavier on the eye. Also, making them extremely uncomfortable to wear especially if you’re an all day lash wearer. The lash band on the Velour eyelashes are so soft, thin, easy to disguise without even using eyeliner and super flexible, they are easy to bend and curve to fit all shapes of eyes. You might get about 3 wears out of this specific lash kit unlike the Velour “Thick and Fluffy” product which you can wear 25 if not more of. If you need good, comfy, soft lashes, don’t waste your time! Just go with the Velour Lashes – ‘Thick and Fluffy’ Collection (3 Pairs of Mink Lashes) – Fake/False Natural Eyelashes – Long Lasting 25+ Applications – Natural & Lightweight – Ethically Sourced – Easy Application! You can thank me later!

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